Friday, 7 June 2013

What the hell is all this peeping toming about?

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I am concerned about all this spying that I am reading about. The government of some countries are collecting information from our phones and from the internet. Why do they have to know what color I like, what I eat for breakfast, even what I am thinking. For what reason do they want to know all these things about people?

What if the color I like turns out to be peace, and what if my favorite breakfast is spiritual food that I know I can buy with faith in a state where I can buy and sell without money?
The paranoia in the air has made the air foul. It is a different kind of pollution. Spying derives from being paranoid, so its a mind thing that is deliberate.

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Just shedding thoughts.
Marsha Anderson

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Draft a plan for your garden, add some hot peppers too

Adding some hot peppers to your garden not only spices up your dishes, it is also good for circulating your blood stream which enhances the appearance of your skin.

Marsha Anderson

Friday, 15 March 2013

A new Spring Look for my blog to get more traffic. WELCOME!

I chose this template, I am thinking it is more casual and the design includes at least a   70% more unique visits from you the reader. You will always get the best information that I can find so you stay informed about topics relative to the description of this blog.

I am hoping for more interaction when we visit this blog. I am changing the way I do my headlines for this blog. Just testing an idea. This is my testing post also.

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Now I am going to be busy organizing content with this template.
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Marsha Anderson