Saturday, 24 November 2012

Discover the reality of sand as a lovely image.

This is my digital-pic called  "broken glass on stains" its the first draft before trying out on canvass with acrylic. it was done using pencil tool.
Painting by Marsha Anderson

This is sand under a microscope. I think its really beautiful

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Marsha Anderson

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Population density videographic of African countries

The World Bank 's latest World Development Report

In many African countries an increase in the size of the urban population has not necessarily been associated with growth. Excluding the extreme case of Liberia (which had a civil war during the period in question), several of Africa’s largest countries, notably Nigeria, saw a big increase in what seem like relatively unproductive slums, and those countries that are following the Asian example (Kenya, Ghana and Ethiopia) are doing so modestly and tentatively. The report examines the role of job creation in development, and suggests that while policies to encourage jobs and to encourage growth are similar, they are not identical. Growth policies do not always pay enough attention to female or youth employment, or to the multiple problems that self-employed people have in increasing skills or improving their businesses.

To learn more on this topic click the link ; World Development Report above. 
I hope you are experimenting with the sites to the right where you can learn how to make drafts, charts and so on.

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Marsha Anderson

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A peek at a Stock market Chart showing an increase in volatility for the rest of 2012

Investors do not seem to be worrying about the potential for a severe economic crisis. This may be due to a continued euphoria over the short-term boost to asset prices caused by QE infinity.
The S&P 500 Volatility Index (VIX) is back below 14%, close to the five-year low set on August 17th, 2012.

Should any hiccup occur in the financial, economic, or political arena will cause the VIX to soar.
The stock market will be seen as over-valued should any negative reaction from any unexpected shock occur.. An over-valued market will be magnified from an historical perspective between 15%  and 50%.

I pray that your trading and investing will be productive and that you invest wisely.
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Marsha Anderson

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Tips for planning a temperate zone in the home

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As the colder weather approaches we are all thinking of ways to save energy and at the same time enjoy a comfortable home during the winter months. I came across an article at the Energy Times Newsletter that I think will help you save some of your energy costs.

I read that by brushing a thin coating of a very special material onto the house, inside or outside, it is like adding many inches of extra insulation without having to get into your wall or attic.
Fortunately for us there is an innovative company that has a a paint-on coating that is clear as well as an insulation, so you get to experience comfort all with the stroke of a brush. Using this product on your hot water or boiler pipes can lock in heat to save you money.

This company also has coatings for roofs to reflect the hot sun away or, to keep the heat in during the winter months.  To learn more about this promising, and innovative technology click: nanotechnology

Excerpt from Masonry Edge Magazine:

"A challenge in reusing old masonry buildings is dealing with the energy envelope. Owners and designers love the interior appearance of the old, raw common brick walls. The typical wall is three solid widths of brick thick, with no cavity for insulation to be injected. Infiltration can be addressed with various coatings, but until recently nothing could be done about thermal transmission.

Nanotechnology is a field that has shown tremendous promise in the area of materials science. The nanoparticles can be suspended in a low VOC medium and applied much like a paint."

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Marsha Anderson

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Find out if the Bill of Rights is the right Bill for you on Monday 17th, September

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Hi there, glad you stopped by, before you start your celebration of the FREE engaging activities happening, do get engaged in this, however put a hold on the "travel through time" to converse with the Founders. I am just being curious, "how the hell do you know that its not a demon" that you may be conversing with?

"Additional activities include Life Without the Bill of Rights? which explores how life would change without our constitutionally-protected rights and Madison’s Notes are Missing, which allows you to “travel through time” to converse with the Founders and report on the Constitutional Convention. Quote from Echo Press, MN"

Anyway, why not enjoy yourself while deciding. You are invited to celebrate Constitution Day with educational games, videos, and many other activities and, guess where? right here in the US of A, all across the nation, HooRAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

Okay, I am back to calm. You can learn more about the Bill of Rights,  here
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Marsha Anderson

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Fruit flies don't bother me: According to the fruit from any nation

First England set up the Commonwealth and most of the developing countries are members of the Commonwealth, or is it wealth from Commoners? Most of these nations are also in the G20.

I read about Bill Gates' report and there was a mighty urging pouring
He wants the world's richest leaders (?) to maintain their commitments to "international aid" and he
focuses on how the G20 can assist those countries to expand their own revenue bases and ultimately achieve self-reliance also (?) He is also proposing new taxes on financial transactions, tobacco,  and transport.
Apparently, his report lends a bright spot in an otherwise bleak summit for the world's "poor"
Let me ask questions; Is the G7 part of the G20? Also from which group are these so-called rich leaders?
At the same time, Bill Gates failed to mention getting rid of tax havens and tax dodging by multinational companies.

Already and currently the world's nations are focused on the Euro crisis. However, Bill Gates wants the G20 to be more concerned about requiring mining and oil companies to be listed on the G20 stock exchanges to disclose payments to their governments. Keep in mind the G20 nations are from the "developing nations group"
Apparently, "poor" nations are losing three times as much as they receive in "aid" The only way that this could be true is if the "aid" is a "bribe" from multinational companies, or because of them doing business IN those "poor" countries.
Bill Gates is saying that the G20/developing nations must recognize that tax dodging multinational companies keeps them dependent on "aid"

I have a solution; switch the amount in "aid" over to what multinational companies should be getting from doing business in those nations and let those developing and "poor" nations receive their rightful, sovereign, amount from those multinational companies, and that amount is triple the amount of the "aid"that those nations lose when their wealth is stolen from them. The rich leaders of the world have been in those developing countries and "poor" nations for centuries making a profit, they are probably also double dipping and may be also getting some of the "aid" plus, it is in those countries where most wars begin.

I am wondering who exactly is a "rebel",  or who is not a "rebel" (on the topic about rebel,)
I am asking; Is the "rebel" Democratic, into Globalization, Capitalism, militaristic, or a demonic  philosopher because,  I am taking note that the "rebel" happens to have the same characteristics in whichever nation the "rebel" is terrorizing. So, the real question is who is the instigator of the "rebel"?

Marsha Anderson